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    Calling our site "Jive" - good or bad idea


      I've heard several people say that it is important to not call your Jive implementation "Jive" but to give it a name.  I want to understand why.  We have chosen to call it Jive because (a) we are still in the early days and are not ready (politically) to conduct a naming contest, (b) feel that anyname the we might come up with ourselves would anger someone, whereas Jive is neutral in this regard, and (c) Jive is cool and connotates the sort of feel we want.  We expect that after Jive become mainstream, or is ready to go mainstream, that we would find a new name more specific to our organisation.  But for now it;s Jive.  Am I making a big mistake here?

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          Navigating political waters can be tricky.  Before our site was deployed our company did a naming contest (via email, I believe) that involved all employees.  We wanted to get our team members involved from the beginning so they felt like they could take ownership and be apart of the community creation.  We also did something similar for voting on the brand and logo we have deployed on our site.  I should note that we did not had a ton of executive support/awareness in the beginning but are slowly trying to turn things around.


          In my opinion, creating your own brand helps to encourage adoption and eliminate confusion.  One possibility in your case is that employees might get used to the site as "Jive" and then think that there are two separate applications after your new branding is deployed.

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            Just beware that whatever name people get used to using may be what they keep using forever...

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                If for no other reasons, I would say the name and brand is crucial in promoting the culture/behavior change you are after and in helping people identify with the initiative.

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                  One thing you could do in the interim until you are ready to have people name it is to simply refer to the site as your collaboration or community site.


                  Jive sounds pretty neutral to those of us familiar with Jive, however, for those who aren’t, it sounds pretty snazzy ☺


                  Like Ted said, people will continue to call it what they get used to calling it. Sort of like my friend Barbie who now wants to be called Barbara…she will always be Barbie to me. ☺

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                    Like, The Wiki. Yes, my experience is that, whatever you call it on day 1, that's the name it will always be.

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                      forever.... and forever...


                      Would you like your press release to call your site "Jive" just like many other organizaitons did? Probably not.

                      Would you still like your site to be called "Jive" if Jive were purchased by Company X and rebranded?  Who knows?


                      We branded ours Oregon GovSpace after about 8 months of "Jive" and now, after about 2 years, "GovSpace" begining to become the name.  We are hosted by Jive and started out using the Jivesoftware.com domain.  What helped a lot was getting a vanity domain name 10 months ago that matched our branded name. It is govspace.oregon.gov.  That single change made a big difference. 


                      Don't get me wrong, we love Jive and the great work they do - really! I just wouldn't recommend naming your internal space Jive.

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                      When we first piloted our Jive instance the product name was "ClearSpace". By the time we went into production mode, the product had been upgraded and rebranded as Jive SBS. So, as Ted mentioned, it is a good thing we're not stuck on the ClearSpace name forever.


                      So, it is sort of "future proofing" the name in case the product name changes, or for example if Jive was puchased by another company, etc.


                      Also, I agree with others who say it can be a way to brand the experience and give an indication of the type of work that can be done with the tool.  Our instance is called "Matrix" for example.

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                        You could use your company name as the community name like Jive does. That seems to be pretty lame but allows you or your marketing dept. to do a naming contest later. The users who like your company name will still see it in the URL as you will likely not change your domain. Anyhow a change from Jive to Foobar may need an explanation, depending on your company culture.

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                            I recommend you pick a unique name for what the site is all about or shall accomplish or what the target audience is. People will stick with the first impression and the name and/or URL forever. We had a temporary launch URL in place and even 2 years later people still have it in bookmarks and slide decks as the redirect works and they always did so … Pick a subdomain or vanity name as others suggested. Be aware of the power of a name/URL and the branding. We called our internal instance “SalesCentral” as sales people were the primary target, now that the content and audience has expanded I have engineers telling me they don’t feel it’s their site as it’s “for sales”  …


                            Think big of what it could be/would be/should be in a few years. Is it more for hosting content, generating ideas, networking, community, project management?  But you want it be unique/different from just another hub where they cannot find stuff like all the other wikis and content islands in place that nobody can remember the name and how to get there. I would not call it Jive. Maybe you use a different platform in the future when communities are out of fashion and the next big thing has arrived.

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                            When we purchased Jive we went through a number of sessions in respect to the name of the installation. The idea calling it Jive was briefly considered and dismissed because it doesn't mean anything for the community. The users have specific needs and that's why you've selected Jive. These needs and your company's strategic element that support Jive (and probably build the spine of your business case for it) should provide you with some ideas what the name can be.


                            In our case we needed to overcome geographical and departmental boundaries. We aimed for a better understanding who does what in our company and making everybody feel being part of the whole. We came up with a few names, tossed them around, asked others what they think and suggested the name we liked best to the CEO. He liked it (or didn't have a better one ) and as such we named it TaitHub.


                            Deliberately we refused using a TLA (three letter acronym), for a quite some time we considered names that didn't mean anything in this context like 'purple' or 'tree'. This got rejected because it doesn't fit with the company culture. The value of the name becomes also important if you would change the platform (no disrespect to Jive) or integrate it with other business systems.




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                                Like so many here I really think a name unique to your company and what you are trying to do is crucial.  One of my favorite names ever is the Genentech internal community called "Gene Pool".  They actually created a mascot/graphic of a boy with goggles and a snorkel in a floatie ring and he became "Gene Pool".  They'd take him to company events and people would get their photos taken with him.  Maybe someone from Genetech is on this thread and can speak about it more but when I saw a presentation by them several years ago I thought it was great.  So creative, so well matched to what they do, and so great at getting people to think the system is cool.