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    Google and SBS: Embedding editable Google Docs in SBS; Embedding SBS Widgets in iGoogle


      Hi! We're enjoying SBS 4.0.7 (a real step up from Clearspace 2.5.6). At the same time more and more of our SBS users are also using Google Apps. Depending on what the primary tool (Google or SBS) for that person is, they also want the benefits of the other.


      Question 1.

      Scenario: A team is using SBS as their primary base of operations, posting shared documentation, discussions, etc., there. This team has members across Ethiopia, and many team members have bandwidth issues. Nevertheless there's this spreadsheet full of formulas that many people have to contribute to. It is 3 MB, so it is hard to download, edit, and re-upload for many staff. So Excel in Clearspace doesn't really work. The complexity of the spreadsheet rules out html docs.


      Google Docs probably makes sense for group editing here, but I can't edit through an embedded spreadsheet. It would be great if this was possible. No one would need to download and upload a 3 MB file.


      Question 2.

      Scenario: User primarily uses the iGoogle home page to organize their day. This is lower priority because RSS is possible, but they would like to be able to embed key Clearspace widgets into their iGoogle (it looks better for one thing).


      Has anyone accomplished these?