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    Best practices for setting up software tool support communities - What container to use??


      We are looking at posting internal training materials along with having a support area for different software tools, Word, Excel, Outlook, Access, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, etc. with help, tips and tricks  and I am wondering how best to contain this material...


      This is an internal employee instance, and we are currently using spaces sparingly - we have 5 spaces currently:


      • Help space for the Jive instance,
      • Watercooler,
      • Projects on the Go (for project management help/discussion, current Projects, etc),
      • Ask a Question, and
      • Serving Customers discussion space.


      We are using Groups for teams, projects that need to be locked down to the membership of a private group, working groups, etc.


      So... the question is, how to organize/structure this training content and also allow for the support of your individual software tool user community??


      I was thinking I could create a Training Space (which would be moderated by our trainers who would have permissions to post the training materials (documents) that are the go-to info) with sub-spaces for each software tool that could have and each sub-space could have discussions for help on the specific tool? Then use Categories within the tool on specific features of that tool...


      Or I could set up a Training Space for the training materials only, and have Groups for each software tool tips and tricks...? We don't want to confuse users with where they should be going, but want to have a clear organization to it early on, so that it doesn't get out of hand...


      Any help from other internal community managers who have done this already would be greatly appreciated!!!!