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    Acceptable performance on Jive SBS or Clearspace-What do other's see?


      I would be extremely grateful if some people from other companies could share their experiences with me (nothing confidential) on what performance is like with Jive SBS/Clearspace.


      I am lookig for some very simple Metrics like page load time, login, etc. If you could share the following, it would be great;


      -Internal or external deployment? VPN, LDAP, clear text?

      -Login time (login page load and time to log into home page)

      -Page load time for Groups, Spaces, creating a new doc, new Group, new Space, etc.

      -Clicking on the "Customize" button for Groups or Spaces, how long to load page?

      -Going back to your home page. How long to load?

      -Admin space: Time to login, time to load "Spaces" tab, etc.


      Any input on what you are seeing in terms of performance would be helpful.


      Thank you.