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    Display localized version of document based upon users locale

      We have the following requirement:


      1)  A signle document/blog in a space can exisit in multiple languages. Say  the master version of the document was written in English and then it  was translated itno various other languages. (take the example of a  product fact sheet being avalable in German, French and English).


      2)  When the user sees the link to this document or views the document, he  should view the lcoalized version of the same as per his profile  settings (or session lcoale). If the document has not been translated to that locale, user should be shown the document in the system default locale only.


      I confirmed with Jive support that this feature is currently not there in 4.0 and 4.5. Are there any plans to include the same in future Jive release. Looks like a standard Web Content Management requirement.