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    RSS feed for user history



      Is there a way for a user to track his/her history in aan RSS feed?  A user of my commnunity has asked:


      An RSS reader like Google Reader would be my ideal method for keeping up with Jive.  It seems like a pretty basic need, to track what I've read and I what I haven't. Google Reader also lets me organize feeds into "folders" that I can prioritize (must read, sometimes read, rarely read).


      From what I can tell, Jive itself doesn't help with keeping track other than the email notifications. This is okay for a small number of "must read" feeds, but suboptimal for everything else.


      Jive does provide RSS feeds, but they are password protected so I can't use Google Reader, IE, or Firefox.


      Do you use an RSS reader, and if so which one?  If you don't use an RSS reader, how do you keep track of new content?