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    Great advice from Andrew McAfee: Do's and Don'ts for Yoru Work's Social Platforms

      If you haven't read this, do so ASAP, and consider incorporating it into your social business software education plans for your enterprise.


      Things To Do

      • Narrate your work. Talk  both about work in progress (the projects you're in the middle of, how  they're coming, what you're learning, and so on), and finished goods  (the projects, reports, presentations, etc. you've executed). This lets  others discover what you know and what you're good at. It also makes you  easier to find, and so increases the chances you can be a helpful  colleague to someone. Finally, it builds your personal reputation and  'brand.'
      • Point to others' work, and provide commentary on it. When  you come across something noteworthy, point to it and discuss why you  think it's important. Chances are others would like to know about it.  And include a link to the original source; people love links.