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    Incentives for engagement


      I'm sure many of you have done incentives to get people signed up in your communities, but have you done anything to get them to increase their activity/usage? What type of activity did you focus on for the incentives and what incentives did you use? We've done a contest for community managers who have increased their community activity by X% in a quarter, but I'm looking for some ideas at the individual user level (e.g. most questions answered, most blogs written, etc).

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          Consecutive days of work with a login.

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            Has anyone ever tried using charitable donations as an incentive? i.e. for each person that fills out their profile and responds to this post, we wil donate "x" dollars to such and such charity. It plays off of concepts used from Daniel Pink's "Drive" and Francois Gossieaux / Ed Moran's "The Hyper-Social Organization" in that it doesn't provide direct monetary compensation to the end user, but still provides an incentive.

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              Ted and I are in the middle of working on something like this. Maybe not so much a incentive program, though, as a rewards program. Subtle difference, but really my thought was to give people "bragging rights", and a way to show it off external to the site (since we are an internal community). So it will be structured in some way so that there are very small "awards" given. Some will be for set goals (wrote first blog post, top discussion of the month, fully completed profile), and some will be point-based, where the user selects their award. Or so I'm thinking at the moment. And in terms of "award", we aren't talking much. My current concept is a lanyard with pins. So you get your lanyard when you join the community, and then add pins as you reach goals. Your points can be spent to "buy" a pin of your choice from a selection.


              Like I said, we're still working out details and planning, but this gives you an idea anyway.

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                  HI Tracy Maurer, Trisha Liu, Brad Fitzgerald, Frank Gebhardt,


                  I realize this is an old thread, but I was wondering if any of you had more information to share with regard to a model for rewarding or incenting?


                  I am working on a plan to build  a model but was hoping to find some examples, since I am feeling a little stuck. My original idea was to create levels that advocates could achieve (Advocate, Ambassador, All-Star, Rock- Star, Champion). The advocates could earn rewards for participating in certain activities-- basically we would like to engage them in certain things, such as helping us get people to fill out their profiles/upload picture, mentor others on using Jive, teaching basic classes, answering questions in our community, etc. I would like for the advocate to self-select what activities they engage in, so that they are more bought-in to what they are doing.


                  That said, I haven't figured out how to verify the participation (in some cases that might be easy, but in other cases, not so much), or how to reward-- should I require the advocate to participate in a certain number of hours before they earn a reward? what other requirements should I put in place before they earn a reward or are "promoted" to the next level?  Keep in mind that we don't have badges, so we can't reward via badges in Jive, but I would recognized them in a "roll call" list in our Advocate Community. The rewards would be along the lines of branded merchandise (baseball hat, computer bag, iPad cover, iPhone cover, etc).

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                      Dear Melissa Rosen, Tracy Maurer,


                      I too would like to apologise for jumping on this thread so late (for some it's been months, for others years!) however I have only just seen this thread and would love to share some ideas. I am new to the Jive Community and looking to engage users through various means (including - quite importantly in fact - developing a reward/incentive scheme).


                      I would be hugely grateful for any of your recommendations with regards to how you would set up a reward or incentive scheme - and I would be very happy to discuss my current ideas with you should you be willing to share some thoughts.


                      Thank you both for your help, I hope this reaches you and look forward to hearing back!
                      In fact if anyone else in the Community would like to participate in some discussion, please do not hesitate to contact me! There seems to be some great thoughts and recommendations in almost threads, many many of which I am yet to find.


                      Best regards,

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                        I think the only way to do this reliably is with something like Advanced Gamification. Ted Hopton can tell you more about what we've done so far there, and how we see it moving forward.

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                            Ted Hopton

                            Gamification can provide fun incentives for people to get engaged. If you get the Advanced Gamification module (Bunchball), you'll have an array of tools for promoting and rewarding specific kinds of activities and places. Not required, by any means, to get engagement going, but I suspect in a few years it will be considered a routine part of how communities engage members.

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                        For our internal community we provide rewards for participation. We tie into our corporate HR process for it, but we vary the reason for giving the award--most activity overall, most activity by a new person, great blogger, etc. They get a cash card to spend on what they want.


                        We also feature the people we select in our monthly newsletter along with other key hilights of activities in the community.

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                          When we built our business case a year ago, we had an intense discussion about how to recognise engagement and make it (contribution) desirable for others. The decision was not to promise any rewards at all, but be flexible for really outstanding contributions. During the first few weeks some people really got TaitHub (our internal community) going and we published these use cases on the front page and in internal communications. Within 3 months we had a 75% uptake and rewards were not necessary at all. 


                          I'm reading at present "Drive" by Daniel Pink. It's about "What motivates us" and compares the effectiveness of extrinsic and intrinsic motivators. Haven't finished it yet, but highly recommend reading it in context of the effectiveness of rewards. Daniel argues - quite convincingly - that rewards (and punishment for that matter) only work in certain circumstances and that people have a higher engagement when the 3 elements autonomy, mastery, and purpose are given.

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                              Similar to Frank Gebhardt we are also surfacing success stories and advertising successful groups through company-wide presentations. Our goal is to take this to the next level- by engaging our executives in promoting these successes. Currently we recognize 4 groups per quarter through a "Best of Jive" presentation series. We had great attendance at our inaugural sessions, and the presentations served as a recognition opportunity for the community managers that we showcased (great brand-building for them). We also followed-up with Thank You notes to managers to further recognize the successes of these groups/community managers.

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                              We recently got some mugs created and award them monthly for notable contributions.  It seems that people want them so, I guess it is working. I write a blog post and @ mention people who are receiving them as well as what they are receiving them for.


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                                I noticed that our users seem to be really motivated by earning points (even though our Jive points are not redeemable ), we regularly get questions about how exactly one can earn points and users often brag about their points and status level. We're looking into taking this one level further and add the Advanced Gamification Module soon to reward user activities through badges etc.


                                Some of our groups have offered prizes (tablets, coffeeshop vouchers etc) to engage the users but activity seems to cool down after the prize is awarded.