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    Looking for Executive Use Cases


      I have an upcoming meeting with my executive team.  We've had Jive implemented internally for a bit over a year now and they've been the slowest to adopt.  I'm trying to sell them on an executive communication space where they can blog corporate communications and start discussions rather than use email. (which is all they know)  I'm confident that an executive-led community would become one of the most popular spaces on our "Collab Center"


      I'm looking for more ideas, and examples that will make them see the value that using the community has over using email.  Personal stories, links to resources and screenshots all welcome and encouraged!!



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          If we get frustrated at first, we stop. Yet we are personal networkers by nature. The executives that are frustrated are typically older and trying to work on a word document.

          I would like to see Jive do a usability study focused on this group in a non-tech industry allowing execs to use the office suite as they interact. If Jive can hit this groups usability sweet spot, it's over.


          Alan start with their current pain points and quantify them. Until you address how you can help solve the pain points, from their perspective, its hard to get air time.


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              Thanks Wally,


              Getting air time isn't the problem.  We're a relatively small technical company, 450 employees, and our CEO/CTO/CFO are pretty approachable, getting an hour with them won't be extremely difficult.  And they're in their 40s, so they're pretty hip to the latest technologies.


              Given that, I'm just searching for examples that I can present them of what others are doing with the Jive platform, and how it's been beneficial and motivating to the employees.


              People come to our Collab Center and expect to see that kind of top-level content from the execs, and when they don't see it, it artificially devalues the entire community.  So that's why I'm more interested in examples at this point.

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                  Hi Alan - If the execs are already creating the content (by email) that would be appropriate for the Collab Center, then I will echo Mike's suggestion - just turn on the 'create by email' feature. This way, you are not asking them to change anything about their behavior. Tell them that. They are already creating the content and sending by email. By continuing to do the same action and get the content into the SBS, their content will have farther reach and greater value.


                  Hope this helps!



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                    And letting the execs know that they will most likely get real feedback this way might convince them. And they can see how many people viewed their posts. Sometimes just these little things that let them see the reach and value of their content can convince them of the value in distributing it this way.

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                  It is about culture and how much they think they have to change what they do. If they dash off their own emails they will be more open than the ones that need to have it created and polished before it is sent.  Another way would be to set it up so they can just send an email to the community and have it automatically publish (they do what is comfortable but it gets into the community).


                  It may help to have a ghost writer working with them initially.  These should be viewed as short updates or personal views that do not need to be a long and formal as the typical Corp Com from executives.



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                    Hi Alan - I am seeing the same pattern at our company however a couple executives have done some blogging.  You indicated that you have had Jive for a bit over a year - I assume you have pretty good adoption levels outside of the executive team?  If so and you are able to get at least one executive on board with blogging, starting a discussion thread, or posting a document I believe you will see a much stronger reaction (more views, comments...) than if that person simply sent out an email.   Everyone gets bombarded with emails andemployees often ignore "corporate wide announcements" from blind mailboxes but if a large percentage of your employees are actively using Jive and understand the beneifts, information posted here will be much more visable and most likely read.  My two cents...

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                      We have executives using jive in a few different ways:


                      - One has moved away from email and now uses a group to communicate with his employees. Any emails previous sent out to his staff are now done as blog posts within the group.

                      - Another executive is using Jive to manager an organisational change. She is using a group to create awareness and knowledge about the change through regular blogs. Directed staff to use the group to ask any questions they ave about the change. Training materials to support the change are made available through the group. It has actually been a great use case.

                      - Some executives are using to collect feedback and staff input into the annual planning process.

                      - They also have their own private group so they can collaborate on material (instead of trying to do so through email) and to extend discussions past face-to-face meetings.


                      Hope that helps.

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                        These are all great ideas and approaches!  Thank you all for sharing.

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                          Our CEO blogs once a week in his personal blog and gets tons of comments.  We taught him how to go back and see all the comments and while he doesn't respond to them he does sometime mention them in other posts.  We have several other members of our management committee (MC) blogging in their personal blogs & at some point we'll likely make a lobby space for people to quickly find all of the MC members quickly.

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                            Our exec communications have been pretty interesting:

                            1. We've given the freedom to our leaders to blog as often as they please and we surface their blogs on the home page through a widget called "Leaders Speak"
                            2. Our CEO runs a space called "Talk to Trevor" where anyone can ask him a question and he responds back in 5 business days.
                            3. Our leadership team has a private group that they use as a shared knowledge base and a place to have confidential discussions.
                            4. The global leadership team also has their own open group which they use to interact with other ThoughtWorkers.
                            5. Every now and then leaders will run a campaign to get feedback and ideas from the community. For example one of leaders ran a strategic envisioning exercise where she crowdsourced ideas for our company's future from all ThoughtWorkers, using the ideation module on Jive.
                            6. Our CIO insists that all internal IT discussions are on our implementation of Jive and that the internal IT teams involve users in all these discussions. He's personally very involved in a lot of discussions on the platform.

                            I guess our leadership adoption has been pretty good, though we're hard on them and expect heaps more.