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    Strategy for deploying IDEAS MODULE


      Ideas can be a very powerful feature. My only concern is to deploy it strategically to make sure it is of value i.e.


      (1) should we start creating Ideas component everywhere in spaces and groups or


      (2) should we have one generic place (a Space) where we can collect ideas at the enterprise level or


      (3) should we have both i.e ideas at every community level as well as organizational level.



      I like option #2 where people will always go to ONE place - a Space / the Ideas lobby / an Ideas market place - for all ideas. Downside with this approach is that one single place may get quite messy with ideas coming from everywhere on hundreds of topics. To address this messiness one could:

      A. use categories

      B. use tags

      C. use some high level topical spaces to segregate ideas (on the fence on this one)


      What are you experiences with deploying Ideas among your community(ies)?