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    Help me help you...

      Was wondering how others go about communicating new stuff/features. We currently publish short, easy to follow "How-to docs" and in some cases videos. We publish them in a help space that's easy to find, yet we still find in some cases people say there is not supporting documentation available.

      Does anybody conduct actual training classes? If so how successful are they? What warrants a class?



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          We are running several training sessions each week, and we recently divided them into a beginner's track and an advanced track. In the beginner's it is all about the basic functionality. Overall categories are people, content and places. Session are run via WebEx. We are seeing some pretty good adoption numbers, I think training from a real person makes a difference in that.

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            For upgrades, we've taken to creating a group that houses all of the documentation. I create a text document about the feature, using a "What is it? Why do I care? How do I use it?" flow. And the most significant features also get a slideshow (slideshows can be easily paused while I try to follow steps, can be slowed down to match my learning rate). We start with the group being a secret group that only select people involved in creating the documents and doing QA are invited to. Then we open it up to Private, then Members Only, then Open (the weekend of the upgrade). This way we build excitement by inviting people to join the group. It worked well for our 4.0 upgrade, and also helped centralize and publicize the actual upgrade and the features associated with it in a way we hadn't done previously.