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    Welcoming new community members

      Hi everyone,

      We have new members joining our internal community every day.  I'm wondering if there is an automated way to issue a welcome  message to each of them via Jive?


      If there is, can you please explain how to enable it.  Also, any success stories (anecdotal is fine!).




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          Do you mean in addition to the automated welcome message that the system sends when they join? Otherwise, I usually have a thread titled, "Introduce yourself!" in the Getting Started or Welcome area of the entire site, and feature it as the only featured content. People tend to want to introduce themselves, and so all they have to do is reply to that thread. Then, I just reply with a "Welcome!" reply, or let the community welcome them.

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              I don't believe we have the automated welcome message 'happening.'  I wanted to find out if it is a feature that Jive offers, and how I can enable it.


              The Introduce Yourself idea is great, thanks, that's something I would want to add to the welcome messaging if I can.

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                  Hi there


                  I just joined last week, this is how it went for me. After I registered I recieved an email from the communities admin (automated) for an email validation. It was not really a welcome message - but it did let me know I was registered. Then, after making my first post Gia kindly directed me to this group. Once I joined this group there was no "welcome" message but I now get notifications whenever posts are made, for me this is enough to make me feel part of the group.


                  If you can set it up automatically that is great - but automated welcomes aren't really valuable to me. I was really happy with the nice response I got when I was ready to particpate. I am sure lots of people join (like I did) just so they can check it out quietly, some will stay, some won't. I think the important thing is the personal responses to postings. If you can't keep up with all the welcomes, don't. Just let the stalkers (like me) stalk for a while. and the social butterflies will join the welcome discussion and focus on ensuring that who participate get a meaningful response (especially first posts). After all Jive is supposed to be user driven, right?

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                      We send welcome messages, but they are done manually because we tailor the message to the member when possible. The message includes some standard information, such as how to get started and key resources, but if the user has entered a role or other “identifying” information in her profile, we’ll include a list of recommended groups the user might want to join based on other people like her in the community (sounds like what Gia did for you).