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    Internal Communitcation & eNewsletter/Blog Resources


      Internal Community Managers -


      Does anyone have resources related to internal corporate communications and eNewsletters?  I would love a blog, conference or roundtable that discusses cutting edge ways to communicate to employees. Any personal experience/tips would be great to - In fact, if you think your internal (or even external) eNewsletter is fantastic, I'd like to know why.


      Right now I have a very basic understanding of internal communicaiton best practices and am hoping you can help me add to them:


      • Good Graphics/Images to Copy Ratio
      • Involve Employees in Content Creation
      • Cover the Entire Company As Best as Possible
      • Include Video Articles (Flip Cam Interviews) When Resources Allow
      • Give Relevant Underground Projects/People Airtime
      • Survey Employees About What They Like About the Publication/Request Feedback
      • Present the Content in Community - Comment, Rate, Like, Share Articles


      I don't know, what I don't know, so any resources (especially those relevant to global companies) would be grealty appreciated.




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          We found that newsletters are a spectrum ranging from the traditional graphics and html emails to just using the community.  One common process is to use the community as the place where the article authors go to create their items.  The newsletter editor gets the initial part and the link to the full article in the community.


          Using a community also enable you to a change to a newsfeed instead of a historic document.  Using a community, we just send an email  telling folks the new version is live and providing a link to the community.  We are using RSS feeds and tags as a way to sort and categorize the articles.


          Publishing in a community also allows other newsletters to leverage the articles.