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    Ethics and Intergrity

      I recently had a meeting with the VP of our Ethics and Integrity Division.  They would like to establish a community within our Jive space (re-named ULink) however, they are nervous about confidentiality, permission rights....  I have walked through all of the documentation around security and explained permission levels to them in detail.  I thought it might be helpful to also share some success stories from other companies that have similiar communities established.  Anyone?

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          We are just starting a community in our internal employee instance devoted to Ethics and related topics. It's a public space for all employees to discuss and read blog posts about this topic. We also have some restricted communities for some committees and such. Feel free to contact me directly if you would like additional details.

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            Here are some things for you to consider J.J.,

            • On the login screen include a statement, "By logging into ULink, you are to abide by the ULink Terms of Use." link the words "Term of Use" to your terms of use. Include links to your ethics policy and have your Ethics divsion help you with wording and the links they want to see.
            • Let them know they can select their staff to be the space administrators of their own spaces - with all the controls of who enters (except the System Admins).  You are happy to delegate that too them but also provide them any support they need. They will pick it up quickly.
            • More than describe permissions, show them the space permissions.  They are easy to grasp and they can see with their own eyes how much control they will have over their own space.   This usually works quite well.
            • Remind them the network file systems have system admins too
            • Suggest that they let their staff know what types of Ethics Division information can be put on ULink and what types cannot. We classify all information into four levels.  It's a business decision that they can change later if their needs change.
            • Take two normal user test accounts.  Demo for them how they can intereact with each other but not see the Ethics space.  Just like in your current Network Fileservers, it's there but others don't know it, don't see it and don't have access to it.
            • Point out that another Division with just as many concerns about confidentiality is also using SBS.

            I hope that helps a bit.

            - Wally