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    Live view pdf files. A beautifull (free) way to display pdf files.. Issuu.com integration

      Issuu is a great service (Just like youtube). It allows you to upload a pdf and get an embed code to display it as a beautiful magazine (Check example: http://issuu.com/cibap/docs/cibap_jaarboek_2010 ).


      The great thing about this: Embedding a Issuu.com pdf has the following advantage: You don't have to click to download and view a pdf. You'll be able to view it instantly, this will of course improve the speed off your workflow. And of course, it will make it a lot more beautiful.


      Jive, however, strips some part off the code when I try to embedd issuu in a document, this breaks the the viewer.


      I think that, with some small changes, we could greatly improve Jive's workflow!