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    Creating a test space for users


      When we launched our internal wiki platform, we had lots of users come to the site and create test wiki pages.  As result, the Activity Stream when you entered was cluttered with Test, Test, Test.


      I want to avoid the same thing when we launch Jive next week, and I was triggered to post this quesiton when I saw that Gia had moved someones post to a testing area.


      So I have two quesitons :

      1. Is it a good idea to have a testing area, a sort of sandbox, where people can experiment before contributing in the real groups? 
      2. If so, do yo udo this as a space, a group, and how do you make it so that the activity in that group does not feed into the overall Activity Stream?
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          We have a group.  We encourage people to be respectful, but otherwise to feel free to try out anything they like.  Our group is called “Sandbox (Test Area)”.

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            Hi Bart, I’d recommend creating a closed group where users have the option to test the functionality so only those group members will see the ugly activity stream not everyone.  If users have access to your dev environment that is also a good option that I’ve used in the past.  When I give demos I typically create groups and content and then delete it after the fact without thinking about the impact on the underlying system but I’ve had no problems with the underlying system functionality.  However, it might throw off your metrics a bit if that’s important.  Angelique