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    Managing a Demo user


      I will be doing a lot of demos over the coming weeks.  My demo has three scenarios :

      • How an experienced user uses Jive
      • What a first time user sees and does on their first visit
      • The process of creating and managing a Group


      For the first time user, I want to be able to connect with a demo user id from our LDAP so that we see the account being created on connection.  then I can edit the profile and even create content.


      Once the demo is over, I want to be able to delete the user and all of there content.  My team tells me this is no problem.


      My quesiton to the group is :

      • If I repeatedly create the same user in Jive, and then 10 minutes later delete them and their content, will this create problems for me (Jive database confusion)?  Should I do this in a test environment or can I do it in production?
      • How have others handled this need in the past?