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    How much customization did you do?



      We are looking at ways to improve usability.  We started with an "out of the box" version and have only done a few customizations.


      How much have you customized?


      If you are using the "out of the box", what has been the feed back from your members?




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          Hi Mike -


          Our employee community has nearly no customizations. We do have an LDAP sync for logins, and will be looking to restrict outbound emails sent from the SBS so that they only go to our corporate email domain (this will limit who can be invited or sent content from the SBS).


          Here are some items our employees and managers have asked for:


          • Email notifications: Include full discussion thread
          • Email notifications: Author should receive an email when he/she updates a thread
          • Add signatures
          • Email notifications: Send a notification when content is moved
          • UX for pagination:  When browsing the list of documents, the listed number of pages and  the 'next' behavior is confusing. The behavior on almost all forum  software I have seen indicates the total number of pages, not just the  previous, current, and immediately next page. For large numbers of  pages, the interface is often similar to: << First < Previous 1 ... 5 6 7 8 9 ... 42 Next > Last >>
          • RSS support seems incomplete - although the RSS will show the Subject line  and posting fine, the problem is that each successive reply causes RSS  to just re-serve the initial posting - with no visibility of the content  or context of reply. That means an RSS subscriber can only see a reply  has been posted (assuming they remember the first post), and still have  to visit/login/load the site to view the actual reply, and see whether  it's of interest.
          • Blackberry support
          • Subscriptions: Can we pre-set group membership and email subscription so that members will automatically receive email notifications? (useful for departments)
          • Email push: Can we use the SBS to push content to a distribution list or company wide? (replace email announcements via Outlook)


          The good news is, employees are using it! They like it! They also are used to email, and want the UX to behave like email in a lot of ways. I don't have a problem with this - whatever gets them to use it.


          We do not plan to implement to list above, FYI.


          Hope this is helpful!



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              But if Jive supported those features you probably would use them, right?  Same with us...

              We do not plan to implement to list above, FYI.

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                Hi Mike - We have done a fair bit of customization but part of that is because we migrated to Jive Clearspace ~3 years ago from another platform we had been building a semi-home grown solution on top of.  We were going to 1.x of Jive and didn't want to regress in some areas so we needed to build them out.


                We've built a couple widgets including "search this space" and something we call the "signpost" widget which lets users easily create a list of links that is displayed nicely and they can re-order easily.  We've done an integration with Jira so that users can enter a Jira issue number in a field of the create/edit document view and it will automatically create a relationship with that Jira issue.  The Jira issue summary and link are then displayed in a widget on the right side of the view document screen (and the Jira issue contains the url to the document in Jive).  We implemented sortable columns in the documents views.  We had that in our prior platform and it was a big deal for our users to have it again.  We added "minor edit, do not send notiifcations" for all content edits.  We also made a number of UI changes and added our own action for managing and viewing members of spaces because we integrate with a single sign-on framework that uses role-based permissions across the entire system so Jive needed to fit into that.  All of our customizations were for user adoption, ease of use, to reduce email or ease administration.


                All this said, the upgrade from 2.5 to 4.5 has been long.  There were many interface changes and changes to what is required to edit the UI.  I say edit because we do things like add items to the Browse menu so that users can get to other resources within our overall integrated system.  If you are able to get to 5.0 before you start customizing I would try that.  The customization process is supposed to get easier in 5.0 as you're supposed to be able to do more via apps etc.  Just ensure any customization has a benefit that outweighs the effort required to maintain it.

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                We have minimal customization.  We have a custom theme where the changes are the lowest level of change possible.  Then we have our single sign on custom, but otherwise nothing else.  We get lots of feature requests but only half of them are things the whole community wants.  Also some of the things people are asking about keep getting addressed in new releases.  Overall, the general sentiment is positive about the functionality and ease of use.