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    Naming a blog

      Hi folks, I know I have a lot of questions lately.  As I 'grow' into my new role, I hope to pay all of your help forward!


      I have a customer who would like to create a blog in his community.  Of course, we could just use navigation or dropdowns, but he wants to name it.  I've searched and poked and prodded, and don't see any option to change the name of the blog to something different than the community name.


      Can anyone help?


      Thanks (again!)


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          Pretty sure the only blogs that you can rename are your own. So if the customer really wants to create a blog with a specific name, the options would be:

          • Name the community whatever he wants the name of the blog to be
          • Use his personal blog for those kinds of posts, and rename his personal blog


          I actually like the second option, and that is what our CEO does. People then follow him rather than the community.

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              Hi Michelle,


              do you mean the problem shown here? 




              There is a bug which does not display 'Blog' like 'Discussions', 'Documents' , instead of Blog it just repeats the spaces name.

              Once it is fixed this Blog would be called:

              Jive Software > Jive Community > Internal Community Managers > Blog

              and not

              Jive Software > Jive Community > Internal Community Managers > Internal Community Managers


              - Nils

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                How do you rename a blog?  It automatically assumes the name of the space it is associated with, I need to name it something different.

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                So, it turns out that there doesn't appear that you can 'rename' a blog space to something other than the community space, at least not easily.  I had to create the blog in the system space, rename it, authorize authors, then migrate it to the space as a workaround.