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    Awarding Users for Contributions?

      Does anyone have a great example of how you recognize / award users who have made an extraordinary contribution to your community?


      We have thought of a multi-tiered icon, but since all the experts are out there (that's you!), I thought I'd ask for suggestions.


      Thanks again,


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          Hello Michelle


          We held an 'Annual Award' on our platform, Bupa Live.


          We started by setting up a group and then identified 5 categories including: SuperUser of the year award, 'Most ambitious use' (of the platform) award and Collaboration award.


          We then started a discussion for each award and invited our community to nominate others who they felt should win and why.

          Nominees who were nominated the most were then added to a short list and a winner picked in each category who were given a trophy.


          This worked really well for us,  there was a buzz of activity with people nominating their peers and then the announcement of the winners were teased over a couple of days.


          Pretty simple to put together and great as the nominees were all chosen by the community.

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              Hi Del - Sounds like a success! Can you tell me more about how you created the buzz? Send out emails to your employees annoucing the award? Or was all promotion/execution in Community?

              Also, how many employees do you have at your company?

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                  Hello Cora.

                  We have around 52,000 employees at our company but only around 10,000 on our platform so far.


                  It did create a pretty big buzz and also encouraged a few new users to sign up.

                  We have an internal magazine which does go out to all 52,000 employees and we had a double page spread in there promoting the awards.


                  I work in Internal Comms in the UK office and we have a network (on platform) with the other Internal Comms managers in the different offices around the world, so we got them involved and they helped promote the awards locally.


                  It's also worth saying that once we opened the awards online, the community helped spread the word for us on the platform.


                  I hope that helps.



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                  Thanks, Del, some great ideas!

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                  We ran a contest for having folks nominate for Best Blogger, Best Space, and Best Group. Once we had some nominees we then let everyone vote on the winners (top 5 in each category). The winners received a gift certificate and some public recognition (I do like the idea of badging their avatars, too, but we haven't done that).