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    "You Must Hate Me!" Feedback on the Weekly SBS Email Digest

      sad-panda.jpgI was at a company volunteer event where after introducing myself to a woman as supporting the Matrix [our SBS implementation], she responded "Oh, no your from the Matrix, you must hate me." She continued on to tell me that when she gets the weekly SBS email digest it says .... you haven't updated your status, you haven't created any content, you don't have any connections .....


      It really hit me how negative that email digest comes across if you are not an active contributor to an SBS implementation.  Certainly not the effect that we want on our employees!


      So I share this information with you so

            • you are aware of the perception and can address it within your organizations as well as
            • to ask for feedback on how you might have customized the email digest to improve its effectiveness and make it a more positive communication.


      Thanks!  Angelique