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    Naming convention for groups : any good practices ?


      Dear Jive community,


      We have been using JIVE for few months in Devoteam and a group of users are discussing about defining a "naming convention" for groups.

      For example :  If a group is of interest just for a certain BU, the groups name should start with the nationalities usual standard (i.e.NO for Norway, FR for France etc), and then the Business Units abbreviation. If the group is of general interst, no such syntax will be needed
      Ex. a general group for ITSM would be named "Knowledge - ITSM", while a equivalent group with only local interest for us in Devoteam daVinci should be named "NO/ddv - Knowledge - ITSM"


      I'm convinced that naming convention will not be followed, why would users follow strict naming convention guidelines on how to name his group, when he can do what ever he wants in Facebook or linkedin.


      Would you have so good or bad stories to share about "name convention" for groups ?


      thank you very very much for your feedbacks