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    How do you calculate your conversion rates?

      I'm curious: I have monthly WebTrends numbers for visitors/repeat visitors etc, and, of course, Jive stats on how many new members we acquire each month, but I've been warned that conversion rates would not be as simple as dividing one into the other.


      How do you calculate conversion rates on your community? Thanks in advance for your thoughts!




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          Hi Christine -


          We are not measuring conversion. From what I have heard from other community managers (both Jive and non-Jive), this measurement is pretty tough. The most accurate calculation would be if you knew for sure that the action (sale, registration, etc.) was driven from the community. How would this be tracked? We don't use promo codes in our community.


          Hmm... now that I have said this, I am wondering what you would define as a conversion. Is it 'new member becomes repeat visitor'? Other definition?


          If my company was to measure conversions, it would probably be 'customers who buy more products.' And community membership would probably only be part of the equation, not necessarily the primary driver for a purchase.


          I hope this is helpful!