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    Why do you participate in this group?

      Hi all!


      I'm interested to learn why you participate in this group. What do you get out of it? Are there other online communities that deliver the same benefits? I certainly understand that, at the core, this is all about the differences between the different social networks that you participate in and the experiences/insights your connections provide in each, but I'm keen to know more details.


      What makes this group unique for you?

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          I think that managing internal communities is inherently different from managing customer-facing communities.  We have unique opportunities to proactively communicate and collaborate with employees, prior to general release of new products or features.  Because we deal with employees, there's probably a bit less emphasis on being 'perfect.'  We can tolerate typos, and our internal communities give employees a safe place to develop their skills in starting discussions, blogging, and engaging.


          That's why I'm here!


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            Gia, thanks for asking! Here are my main reasons for participating:


            • Knowledge and insights of the fellow members - i.e., I like and value the people!
            • I like hearing and learning from other people's questions
            • As a Jive customer, being in a Jive-specific community is useful
            • Feels like a safe and relevant place for me to contribute





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              Since we are all looking at the same problem from different directions, this community gives me ideas and actionable items.   Because we can not “go and look” at internal communities, it is the only place where we can share and collaborate.