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    Javascript required for navigation / to view all content


      Some pages require javascript for navigation and thus they are hard (impossible) to index for a spider.

      Example one:

      /jivespace/community/welcome?view=discussions contains 30 threads, the next 30 threads are on this page:

      /jivespace/community/welcome?view=discussions#/pages/2 (I did select "copy link location). This is totally wrong, when one clicks on this link the browser fetches:

      /jivespace/community/view-threads.jspa?start=30&range=30&numResults=30&containerType=14&containerID=4275&filter=all - this page contains only a fragment (the threads) of the whole HTML page.


      So Jive SBS does require Javascript and the onclick event handler or something similar to work to modify the request and to transfer only the new threads and not the whole page. With Javascript disabled the browser will look for an anchor named "/pages/2" and find none, this is how most (all?) search engines behave.


      So after the 31th post the 1st thread gets moved to page 2 and there it may be no longer reachable for a spider. The spider will remove it form the index sooner or later.



      /jivespace/tags/ or /jivespace/community/welcome?view=tags are more examples, copy link location returns

      /jivespace/community/welcome?view=tags#/with_tags/jive - once again this is wrong and the browser fetches

      /jivespace/community/taggable-content.jspa?start=0&range=25&numResults=25&tags=jive&containerType=14&container=4275&sort=6000&taggableTypes=all - anyhow a search engine does not so the tags used here are likely never indexed.


      Anyhow the "Popular Tags" widget itself does provide serach engine friendly links.


      I hope that SBS 5.0 does improve things.