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    Are Private Groups popular?

      So i here alot about Groups being a big draw towards adoption in peoples communities. We are finally enabling this feature but are not enabling the private groups. So people will not be able to create groups that only members can see. I was wondering what people thought about this?


      What portion of your groups are private? How popular are private groups?


      I know we don't want to enable private groups so nothing malicious happens but I don't want to hinder adoption.



      What do you think? Private groups on or off?

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          About 1/3 of our groups are Private or Secret. Which is similar to the amount of restricted view spaces as well.


          I know we don't want to enable private groups so nothing malicious happens but I don't want to hinder adoption.

          Assuming you have a terms of use... could this be an issue?  Our users are aware (well, those that take our training at least) that system admins can see Private/Secret groups. With the implication that if they wanted to do something "malicious" that it would be seen...

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            Hi Corey, I have found that virtually everyone who requests a group or space wants it to be private which does, of course, defeat the whole purpose of a collaboration space.  We allow private groups only for information so sensitive that it may have a profound impact on the business if released to employees.  That pretty much closes the door except for a tiny sliver of engineering and new product development.


            The challenge is to encourage and enable open-ness in your community; to challenge the thinking that 'only my group should know this because....'  It takes quite a bit of conversation, sometimes over the course of weeks, for users to understand that not only are private spaces counter-intuitive but they are difficult to manage (by invite) and almost always die a quick death.


            If I was just starting again, I wouldn't even acknowledge that private communities exist!  KIDDING, I wouldn't downright lie, but I would say we weren't enabling that feature until we had some great collaboration going.  Otherwise, you'll end up with hundreds of private silos; the very problem you're trying to solve.

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                And I have a very different take on this.


                First, private and secret groups can be helpful for people to use as their own private playground. They can have it just for themselves as a place to store information, a way to learn the features of the software, to get comfortable. This in itself can be great for adoption – a way to gain confidence.


                Second, if this is an internal instance, ALL companies have projects that only limited people should have access to. The point of people being able to set them up in your Jive instance is that then they can open them up to a larger audience as the project progresses. And they can SELF-MANAGE it. Instead of you as administrator having to add new people, or someone using the Admin Console to do so, and struggling with permissions, etc., the group is just self managed by whomever set up it. It gives people a sense of ownership. And we have actually not found that these kinds of groups die a quick death. They usually follow the project through to completion, and then have provided the larger community with good documentation and a solid footing moving forward.