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    People Space Filter or How to Determine the Number of Space Followers


      Hi all,


      I've looked around and couldn't find the answer, so I'm posting it here now.  If it was already answered, please let me know where to find.  Ok, so one of the many questions I get is "how many people are following my Community (our term for Space)?"  With Groups this is obviously easy to answer, but with Spaces not so much (we don't yet have the analytics module).  A while ago I discovered that you can filter people by Space, as in for example:


      So here I have a list of people filtered by the "Presales" Community/Space, and I see that 239 people are listed.  Are these the number of followers? Or Active Participants (i.e. they've contributed something)?


      Any help in clearing this mystery is greatly appreciated.


      Best regards,

      - Lee

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          Hi Lee,


          The ability to filter people by a community on the browse people page doesn't exist out of the box. Did you guys have a customization done with professional services (or in house)?


          One of our top requests from customers over the past year has been to show the people in a Community. We've struggled with the implementation of that, since a community is driven by permissions, not membership, but in 5.0, we will show the people following a community, as well as some basic stats on the number of people that can view a community. Hopefully our solution for 5.0 will solve your needs going forward. If you need this functionality before then, the customization you show above will need to be modified to get an accurate count for the number of people displayed, which shouldn't be that complex of a customization, however, you'll likely end up throwing it away when you upgrade to 5.0 because it will be provided out of the box.

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            Any updates / additional information on getting at the number of followers for a space? We're also trying to track it down as it relates to blogs as a way to show leadership bloggers how many "followers" they've been able to attract within the community (who might receive notifications via email, which wouldn't boost their blog post view count, but count as content being opted-into and consumed) as a way to incentivize them to continue using the community as a platform. This is something we're REALLY challenged with as we're focusing on getting top-down buy in.