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    How to manage community managers managers.....

      You are right, I added one too many managers in the title but now you are knee-deep into my post.


      I just wanted to get some insight from this group as to what you do to manage community owners/managers.     With our instance of Clearspace we have hundreds of communities and many group owners, sometimes it can be difficult to support that many groups and their owners.


      We currently have a monthly community manager call that we've had great results with.   We strayed away from the dreaded recurring meeting and I pull a montly report of all group owners and send each a single invitation to the meeting.      I keep the agenda fairly basic and we've found that this method has done wonders for the turnout on the call.  During the call we offer insight as to what's new, tips and tricks and other community management type information.


      We host the call at 10am CST to allow for people in Europe and on both coasts of the USA to attend.   We also mute all phone beeps/bam/pows and dings to avoid disruption during the hour-long call.   We generally get Q/A via the meeting application and unmute phone lines towards the end to allow for dialogue via the phone line.


      I'm interested to hear what else are you all doing in managing community managers?  Meetups?  Tweetups?  Communityups?