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    Question re: Project

      I'm having a 'question of the week' moment, and admittedly know little about Project functionality.


      A user asked, "if we create a project in both our parent community and sub-communities, would all the project tasks from the sub-communities be pushed to the parent community project?"


      I have no clue; anyone out there who has experience with Projects?

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          I think it does.  I started using projects, and it turns out that everyone in the parent community was notified when I created a document for that project.


          **OK, just re-read your question.  I am not sure about sub-communities, but I wish that there was a little more customization available with projects as far as what is visible and what sends a notification.

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            We have been using projects in some of our spaces.  I don't know if a project created in a sub-community sends out a notification to those following the main community.  I would recommend testing that out if its something you need to know.

            The challenge we have had with the content in projects (whether tasks or not) is that it stays maintained only within the project and doesn't appear when you do a category tag filter or a recent content filter for the space, but it does appear when using the Recent Activity widget.  The other filters seem to omit the information generated within the project--which doesn't quite help us with the category filters.  So in short, I don't believe it pushes the content up to the main space as you are asking, but there might be a way to do it with one of the widgets.