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2015.3 Engagement and rewards : How to Create an Advocate Group


In this video I walk through setting up an advocate group.  Advocate groups are a great way to bring specific users into one place for communication, Q&A and now you can reward them for helping out with points with the new engagement and rewards functionality in 2015.3.


Items covered:

  • You can make an existing group an 'Advocate group' or create a new one.
  • This creates a new advocate page in the group with a dedicated experience for showing rewards to the users (tile based page, pages must be enabled)
  • At the moment these quests will still be available to the entire community, but advocates get a much easier view into the rewards and depending on the tasks they might be the only people that can complete them.
    • *To make sure a quest can only be completed by advocates, one of the tasks should be to read content within the secret group.


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