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Bedsider U – Utilizing Jive-x for college based advocacy


Almost nine in 10 college students say that an unplanned pregnancy would make it harder to achieve their educational goals yet there is poor awareness to the full complement of methods available. A college health advocacy-based marketing campaign, Bedsider U, was developed to introduce as a resource for college women to learn about their birth control options, better manage their birth control, and avoid getting pregnant until they’re ready. Bedsider U Reps are trained as brand ambassadors to drive engagement and awareness of Bedsider through word-of-mouth marketing and the use of digital media. The Bedsider U Reps are organized on the Jive X platform Bedsider Community. Through Jive X we are able to; organize training materials, archive user generated content, separate activated campuses into groups and teams, house our motivation and incentive structure, responsively change the design and function of the community based on user feedback, and track metrics for both online and on the ground activity. Our community management results in a strong engagement and a trackable increase in achieving our goals of broader brand awareness.