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Powering the RSA Social Conversation with Technical Content


As part of the RSA Jive-powered community, users from around the globe seek to collaborate, interact, and gain support for RSA products. The RSA technical content development group is revolutionizing the way content is produced, published, and consumed by users. Connecting the organizational knowledge silos, RSA brings topic-based documentation into the social community, rather than sending community members to search through external resources. With a unique tool and methodology, RSA is optimizing the delivery of support content by shifting from tedious PDF books to dynamic nuggets of content—with the goal of increased customer engagement, improved content quality, and reduced support costs. RSA now employs a complete single-source publishing chain of topic-based documentation, transforming massive publications into a dynamic and interactive experience for the community's knowledge-seekers. Join Kevin Kyle and Andrea Taylor to learn about the shift away from the supply of static and rigid PDF books to a world that allows community users to quickly find the information they need. Hear about how RSA is leveraging the community to help collect valuable user feedback to increase the quality and timeliness of its documentation. Understand how you can also unleash the power of under-utilized documentation assets to help increase community user satisfaction and reduce support costs.