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The Customer-Centric Organization


Lots of business theories abound about the benefits of a customer-centric organization.  And many organizations believe they are customer-centric - it says so in their mission statements and in their values.  But what does that really look like?  Just because an organization has a customer community, or a social media program - does that really make them customer-centric?  What are he specific techniques you can use to help Jive bring the voice of the customer inside your organization?  First we'll hear from Deborah de Freitas from Spredfast who will share specific techniques on how they use their internal and external Jive community to keep the voice of the customer top of mind in every aspect of their business.  Then we'll hear from Peter Broadley and Mark Chadwick from the Canadian Standards Association on how they use Jive to provide unprecedented levels of customer intimacy in their three lines of business.  First, through member & customer engagement, retention and outreach strategies where Jive provides the ‘connective tissue’ between diverse lines of business, and where collaboration and connection is at the heart of our business relationships.   Next, by helping to develop standards faster by enabling new levels of collaboration with global experts, with inclusivity and transparency with relevant stakeholders to help make the world safer and more sustainable.  Then by raising the industry bar on customer service levels and customer expectations as constant connection, communication, and transparency to drive increases in customer loyalty in the area of product certification and testing.