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Everything you always wanted to know to benchmark your community


We often hear from customers “how does my community compare?” or “what benchmarks exist for my industry or community age?  Does this sound like you? If so, we've got research results you can use to benchmark your program's business practices and key metrics to prove adoption and engagement.

For the business practices portion, we’re pleased to bring you “Jive customer” research results made possible by our partnership with The CR. Using The CR’s Community Maturity Model as a guide, we’ll share where Jive “average” and “best in class” community programs compare against all respondents of The CR’s 2015 State of Community Management research.

For the analytic benchmarking we’ll share key metrics Jive has gathered across our customer base that cover adoption, engagement and stickiness for communities by age, industry and community type (i.e. employee, customer).


Companion presentation file here ADV8.pdf