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Becoming a Community Ninja: 5 Secrets of Community Black Ops


Have you laid the groundwork and are now ready to take you community program to the next level? Are you overwhelmed and wondering how to scale community management? Do you want to ensure your community sticks? If yes to any of these, then this session is for you.


Community operations is an emerging area of expertise that focuses on the design, governance, programming and training that helps scale and integrate community programs. Operations is the link that reinforces community strategy and consistently applies engagement tactics that work.


While you might think that you’ve addressed these components in your launch, building advanced community operations is imperative as your community matures and you need to defend and expand your program to become more strategic. Without it community management tends to stay strategic and engagement is slow to build or focus on tactics, which soon become overwhelming. With effective community operations, you become a community ninja; calm, assertive and organized with an outsized ability to impact your organization.



In this session you will learn about five key aspects of advanced community operations:


  • Content & Programming


  • Multi-Tiered Advocacy Programs


  • Revisiting and ramping up your Governance Model


  • Training & Culture Change


  • Ecosystem Design