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Navigating on-premise implementations of Jive-n and Jive-x


Virgin Media has deployed Jive 8 as an Extranet to collaborate with partners and suppliers that allows its employees to exchange sensitive information with partners. This presented a unique information security challenge where a large number of complex security customisations at the Jive and network layers to comply with stringent InfoSec requirements. In addition, Jive 8 has been implemented on-prem with deep integrations to Cisco WebEx and Jabber, Active Directory for SSO and SalesForce Chatter. This short presentation is about how Virgin Media delivered these environments to resolve a large number of user experience issues, comply with InfoSec and legal requirements

Last year Allianz launched their new internal platform combining Jive with their own CMS plus Google Search Appliance to provide one integrated social intranet for all Allianz employees. With over 147,000 employees spread over 70 countries and a low level of social-readiness the combined software approach was designed to enable all employees to access the content they need with the option to come on-board with the community and interactive features at their own pace. It was also essential to develop a scalable but flexible solution that could be adopted and adapted for the needs of the distinct operating entities in the Allianz Group, while still being connected as one global social intranet. Join this session to find out how this approach has helped Allianz ease the transition for their employees from a content focused traditional intranet to community oriented social intranet.