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The Power & Value of Communities at Akamai Technologies


Akamai Technologies makes the internet business ready — fast, reliable and secure. Akamai implemented a unified online JIVE-x community to foster communication among the company’s globally dispersed customers, partners, employees and guests, establishing a destination for peer-to-peer assistance, Akamai SME thought leadership, and interactive self-service that launched in October, 2014 on a hosted platform. We opened up the community to guests in April, 2015 and recently migrated to the Cloud platform. The Aloha Community launched on August 25, 2015 as a single knowledge source for all things Akamai. The dynamic that created and drives the JIVE-n Community is the notion that the best way to support the hyper-connected world outside of Akamai is to foster a hyper-connected world within Akamai. Attendees will walk away with the understanding of how we leveraged the Akamai solutions “Akamai on Akamai” to optimize and secure the performance of our communities that enables the best user experience for customers, partners, employees and guests.