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Building a new world in a jungle made of red tape - How RBC maintains and enhances its Jive installation.


The RBC Jive installation is used by 80,000 employees spanning all lines of business globally. Over three years of operation the team at RBC has executed 116 discreet change deployments and 4 upgrades. As with any large company this work involves the participation of many teams, multiple stakeholders, and of course has to conform to various legal and regulatory requirements.


Because of these requirements, the initial implementation and ongoing operation of any enterprise application can be challenging. Managing the hardware, software and various integrations can seem like an impossible task sometimes.


Learn how RBC in partnership with Jive professional services manages its on-premise jive installation while simultaneously enabling new features and business use cases. This includes the management of system upgrades, the operation of the platform, the integration with other systems, and promotion of internal Jive development.