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Merging Jive instances with Schneider Electric


With the continued rise of mergers, acquisitions and internal business realignment, multiple social collaboration platforms may end up being utilized concurrently within one company or even one business unit. Merging several of these platforms into one may sound easy, but taking users and content from an outside source and migrating into a Jive instance is more complicated than you might think. Schneider Electric learned this first hand when they decided to combine two separate Jive instances–one on Jive 6.0 and one on Jive 7.0–into a single Jive community. In this session, we present the business case, the approach we took, challenges faced, and the results of that migration effort. We will also share general information on content migrations from external systems into Jive, how to execute them, and how they will make your Jive community more successful.