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Integrating with Salesforce, Aha!


Organizations of all sizes are looking to streamline and consolidate communication and information between people, both inside and outside the organization. Unfortunately, in today's world this is a difficult task because information that people need is spread out in numerous applications. Each of these applications has its own user interface and workflow that people must learn to get to the critical information that they need. Jive’s various options for integrating with other applications allow it to act as the central hub of information and communication. This talk examines Trapeze’s critical business drivers in selecting Jive, the technical and security challenges of integrating with other applications, and how to take advantage of discovered learnings when using Jive as a central communication platform. Attendees will get an understanding of how their own communication needs may be met by using Jive through a close examination of building Trapeze’s own Salesforce and Aha! integrations, from the business reasons for building a communication hub and selecting Jive through the project’s lifecycle to production deployment.