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Godaddy - The Moshpit of Ideas


Jive-n Interactive Intranet is Culture Carrier and “Mosh Pit of Ideas”

GoDaddy was expanding globally at a rapid pace, but wanted to maintain a sense of close connection and the spirit of a small team. “The challenge,” says Auguste Goldman, GoDaddy’s Chief People Officer, “was how to get 5,000 individuals distributed all over the world to feel that they’re part of one organization, engaged in a single marketplace of ideas—and do so in a way that’s fun, that’s innovative, that’s interesting, and that reflects our culture.”

The answer was a Jive-powered Interactive Intranet, dubbed “The Planet.” It quickly became the home base for GoDaddy’s workforce, driving engagement, cohesion and a shared sense of mission vital to the company’s success. “We have a unique and exciting culture,” Goldman says, “and as we expand and build more offices Jive is the culture carrier for us.”

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