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Analytics Best Practices with Jive Insights Advanced – Webinar Recording


Thank you again to our presenters Shaun Slattery , Dane Slutzky and Darshita Maniar for a great webinar this past Thursday. For those of you who were unable to attend "Analytics Best Practices with Jive Insights Advanced" live, here's a recording of the webinar and a recap of the Q&A from the live session.  Jive Customers can also access the presentation slides here: Jive_Insights_Advanced_best_practices_webinar032317.pdf .


Feel free to post any additional questions in the comments below.


Webinar: Analytics Best Practices with Jive Insights Advanced
Is Jive Insights Advanced available for Jive-x External Communities and Jive-n Internal Communities?Yes
We have Jive advanced hosted.  Do we have access to these analytical tools?

This is available for hosted and cloud customers.

Is this available on premise or just for cloud/hosted?

The product is available for hosted and cloud customers. If you are an on-prem customer and interested in JIA, please reach out to your Jive Sales Rep to discuss further.

Is Jive Insights Advanced part of cloud or available for an extra cost?Jive Insights Advanced (fka Resonata) is an additional cost. Please reach out to your Jive Account Representative if you are interested in pricing for your community.
What is the cost to implement Jive Insights Advanced? Is it one-time cost or annual?

Please contact your account manager for more information on pricing.

Is that unique authors? Or authors which some may be the same person talking about it in several posts or threads?The "authors" are unique. JIA allows you to see how many distinct authors have created a certain number of posts.
When you say “available” does that mean for an additional cost? Or, if we already have had Resonata, we now have Jive Insights Advanced?Customers that are entitled to Resonata will have Jive Insights Advanced. Jive Insights Advanced is a re-brand of Resonata to better align with our overall analytics portfolio & strategy.
Is Jive using this in JiveWorks?Yes
Can you adjust the settings so only content from public places is analyzed? This is a sensitive issue (Big Brother) for internal communities.Yes, when we create the JIA portal for the Jive instance, you have the decision whether to only show places that are public to logged in users or whether to also include private or secret content.
Is this available to cloud customers now?Yes
How are customers managing access to Jive Insights Advanced and reporting to executives?

What we're seeing customers do is limiting access to Jive Insights Advanced to a few core team members (Enterprise Community Manager, site admin, other key community managers, product/program owner) and then partnering with executives in key areas (HR, communications, operations, marketing etc.) to determine what reports will be useful. From there, the ECM will either export a report directly from JIA for the leader or combine that data (often via screenshots with other regular reporting they're sharing (such as Community Manager Report and Impact Metrics data).


The ECM will also produce short reports to leaders based on emerging insights they're seeing via JIA. (e.g. "I'm noticing X happen in the community, are you aware of this situation or can I provide you more information?")

Can we create custom audience groups to measure? I.e., business silos/departments

Yes, there are a few ways to filter based on groups of users:

  • Filtering on a Jive profile field like 'location' or 'department'
  • Manually labeling users in JIA.  For example, if you label all internal support engineers on an external community, that will allow you to filter them out of searches.
  • Listing users individually within a search filter
  • Filtering on groups or spaces that are only available to a certain user population
How do you change the sentiments if you felt that it needed to be changed?

In the Content section, you'll see which words are marked as positive or negative based on the color.  When you click on a word or phrase, you'll see a dialogue that allows you to change the sentiment, from highly positive to highly negative.  If you choose neutral, it will become untagged.  Highlighting a phrase up to four words will also allow you to tag the sentiment.


Can you define anecdotal evidence by giving me some examples on what to look out for as a business-to-business organization?

Anecdotal evidence is data usually in the form of an example. In addition to data from JIA and other reporting tools (Community Manager Reports, Impact Metrics, etc.), which is often presented in chart form, it can be helpful to include an example (usually, a screenshot of a representative discussion from the community) of what those reports are illustrating.


To illustrate... If my analytics data show that the East Sales Region is really making great use of Jive, in addition to the User Adoption CMR chart, I might take a screenshot of an East sales rep answering a colleague's question as anecdotal evidence of how they're making great use of their Group.

How do we find out if we are a Jive-n or Jive-x customer?If you use your community for internal use (i.e. employees) you are using Jive-n. If you use your community with customers or partners, you are using Jive-x. If there are still questions, please contact your account manager.
Is this an update of analytics advanced or an add on?This is an add-on and separate from analytics advanced.
Is this tool also able to deal with other languages?

Currently, JIA only supports English, but we are exploring future support for other languages.

Languages besides English?

Currently, JIA only supports English, but we are exploring future support for other languages.

How is it with the negative/positive expressions? Are they pre-configured or need to be maintained manually? How is it with multi-language, for example German support?When we first connect JIA to the community, all of the content will be automatically tagged.  Part of the configuration process for jive PS includes checking on the sentiment tagging and making initial adjustments.  Periodically when checking your reports, it's a good practice to look at the sentiment tagging and make any adjustments.  Re-tagging sentiment will teach JIA how you would like the word or phrase to be tagged in the future.
Do you have a datasheet on Jive Insights Advanced?

Yes, currently, we have one for Jive-n customers: Jive Insights Advanced for Jive-n Communities


Please reach out to your Jive Account Manager if you would like to see a detailed demo!