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U.S. Army w/ DSA – JAGConnect: A History of True Culture Change


How do you change the culture of a 242-year old dual profession—the profession of arms and the profession of law? Both professions possess deeply ingrained philosophies of adversarial strategy and the compartmented protection of information. Any change requires near brute force and overcoming years, if not generations, of resistance. Using milSuite, the Defense Department’s enterprise social network featuring a Jive instance known as milBook, the US. Army Judge Advocate General’s Corps (JAGC) has made great strides in fostering effective knowledge sharing and a culture of organizational learning in just six years. With the top down leading by example, strategic messaging, and institutional education, collaboration in the 10,000 member JAGC has tripled in the past two years reaching up to 40% voluntary membership across the dual profession and upwards of 60% voluntary membership in the primary practice groups. With continued development, we hope that knowledge management principles and collaborative mindsets become cultural common practice.