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Building the Business Case to Defend and Grow Your Program


Are you struggling to tell your community story in a way that secures the executive commitment and investment required to succeed? Are you getting challenged about what’s required to support your community? You are not alone.


Communities are complex and it can be challenging to convey program value in a simple narrative, supported by key, credible data. However, it is a critical skill to develop as community programs mature, get more strategic attention and come under greater scrutiny.


Financial measures are a great place to start – but it’s just one component. Your community financial metrics have to be believable – supported with examples, justified with good assumptions and wrapped up into a simple narrative that helps everyone focus on the strategic value. That is a tall order especially if, like many community professionals, your core skills are engagement and content management and not financial analysis.


Join this session to learn how to:


  • Develop an effective narrative
  • Focus on the key data that matters
  • Create self-evident dashboards
  • Use ambiguous data and assumptions assertively
  • Communicate with credibility


This session is applicable to both internal and external community programs.