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Driving Adoption with Data


Community programs often use analytics and data as a way to justify the value of their social intranet, but at Pearson, we’re also using it as a way gain insights and make decisions to drive greater adoption and engagement.


Dina Vekaria and Kathryn Everest will share the journey Pearson took to use data to derive insights, test hypotheses and develop specific actionable change campaigns for their internal program. They will share the “story behind the numbers”, how they developed specific community management tactics that addressed each issue and the approach they took to measuring specific metrics, not all the metrics, to determine success.


If you ever wanted examples of how data can both help you make decisions about what to change or adjust in your program and then how to simplify the metrics you use to track your change program success, this is the session for you.


Join this session to learn how Pearson:

Developed a scorecard that aligned to the organization’s purpose, allowing the team to connect the contribution Jive makes to the business.

Developed an internal report focusing on only a few key metrics that would help the team better target limited community management resources on driving specific groups of people into Jive

Developed “influencer maps” using social network analysis to better understand how to amplify key messages.


This session features an internal program case study.