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Selling is a Team Sport: Integrating Jive-n into All Aspects of a Sales New Hire Program


Commvault’s Jive-n social intranet, CONNECT, was launched primarily to provide a hub and communication vehicle for the field — a single source of information. Shortly after launching Jive-n, it quickly became clear that the Sales Enablement team could leverage CONNECT to accelerate new hire development, assimilation into Commvault, and ability to sell. Learn how the Community team partnered with Sales Enablement as a strategic business partner to weave community and social learning into all aspects of the Sales NewHire 365 program, going beyond traditional self-directed e-learning and instructor-led workshops. By creating private cohort groups, giving new hires meaningful activities that naturally help them learn Jive and connect with colleagues across geographies, and leveraging Jive before, during and after instructor-led training, the revamped onboarding program is an important part of the overall adoption and engagement strategy for CONNECT.