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Using Jive to Enhance Your Organization’s Capacity to Learn, Innovate and Activate Knowledge


According to Etienne Wenger, author of Cultivating Communities of Practice (2002): “Knowledge has become the key to success. It is simply too valuable a resource to be left to chance.”



There is no doubt that in today’s global marketplace an organization’s “tribal knowledge” is critical to creating and maintaining competitive advantage. This know-how surfaces in all sorts of ways: intellectual property, product development, customer support, process improvement, etc., with each one having a direct impact on the bottom line. For this session’s discussion we have assembled panelists with a variety of experiences in community management, social business and learning and development. Designed to be a capstone session for this first-ever Learning and Development track at JiveWorld, our conversation will focus on three key areas:



Driving adoption and community vitality with learning-based use cases

Delivering social learning experiences, managing knowledge and locating expertise

Empowering and preparing diverse employees to perform in a ‘work out loud’ environment