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Aurea Messenger: What's That?


Did you ever wonder what kind of product Aurea Messenger is?

You did not!? Well, then it is really time to read on.


"Aurea Messenger?"

"Sonic ? ..... What is it?"

"Could we need it in our organization?"


Let me try to explain what Aurea Messenger can do for you and your company using a simple integration scenario.

The above video demonstrates how to connect two on-premise systems and a cloud system using Aurea Messenger in less than 10 minutes.










There are two layers in Aurea Messenger:




The Message Queue (MQ )layer provides a very robust Java Messaging (JMS) implementation. A reliable and resilient application-to-application communication platform. Many enterprise companies around the world (e.g. airlines, banks, insurance, etc) use it as the backbone for their business.


On top of MQ the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) provides an adapter/services framework to integrate systems with each other. Data flows ( ESB Process) can be defined locally and executed in a distributed fashion which allows it to scale. End to end monitoring in combination with the guaranteed message delivery of MQ ensures smooth business operations.


Example ESB Process: