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Turning your Community into a Profit Center: FireEye Community - WEDNESDAY, OCT 22ND 2:15 PM – 3:15 PM


Session Description:

Take an in depth look how FireEye has leveraged Jive to deliver a premium content subscription site for Cyber Inelegance.


Utilizing the Jive Platform we were able to monetize or Knowledge and expertise of the Cyber security landscape. Customers of Fireeye Managed Defense get access to a secure Jive Community where they can download the latest Cybercon reports and checking in on the health of there systems. With the Addition of a Fireeye Help Center Space and Intel Center they Customer has a central location to all their FireEye Services. We have seen great success over the last 5 months and the community now is a profit center and a centerpiece of FireEye’s Service Delivery strategy. Along with the Deployment of the External community we have a highly successful Internal deployment as well. With it fully deployed across the whole company we are seeing the viral adoptions that all community managers hope for. Some of our best use case on the internal are around our Sales Central Community space acting as the hub for all Sales, marketing and SE information. Coupled with a highly active Internal support community space, teams are finding new ways to use Jive everyday to impact the way they do work.


Presentation -- FireEye - 1415 - Turning your community into a profit center.pdf