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Beyond Engagement: Moving Businesses and Creating Movements - THURSDAY, OCT 23RD 11:15 AM – 12:15 PM


Session Description:

In a Peer-to-Peer marketplace, community isn’t an ancillary activity or part of the product — the community IS your product. Because in the Sharing Economy, service providers aren’t employed by the company and have many choices of how to spend their time, community plays a critical role — it becomes a motivator, a news source, a connection to peers and a central nervous system.


In Sidecar’s case, without our passionate community of drivers, our passengers won’t get a ride, and we won’t have a business. In this session, I will take you through all the stages of building The Garage, our online community for drivers: from an idea, to building it out *with* the community, to launch and to growing engagement. You’ll learn:


  • How we engage, support and celebrate our drivers through The Garage
  • How our drivers self-organize, help each other, meet and collaborate — fueling and being a part of a movement
  • How to “let go” of control, encourage and empower your community leaders and ambassadors to own the community — and what leadership and influence mean in this model
  • How the Garage is helping us innovate and operate at lightning-fast startup speeds — with our community
  • How we integrate key business processes into the community, bringing the whole company into the fold
  • How we listen, find meaningful signal and act upon feedback — discovering meaningful things to invest in
  • How our community members define and uphold Sidecar’s brand values, one ride at a time